The general perception is that electioneering is only a game for the rich people and poor do not stand any chance to enter this arena. The luxury of contesting election is reserved only for the privileged class. Moneyed people invest in elections like an industry only to be elected and then recover their money with interest indulging in loot and plunder. This has been the landscape of general elections for long and gone are the days when people used to contest elections to serve the nation and its people. The Pakistan Election Commission whose fundamental responsibility is to hold free and fair elections must watch violation of election rules and regulation like a silent spectator. There is hardly any example where someone was disqualified for exceeding the limits of election expenses. Candidates spent manifold more on their election campaigns than allowed under election laws. But what is very painful is the fact that instead of ensuring tight control over election expenses by the candidates, the Pakistan Election Commission has increased the amount of election expenses from its present level of Rs 1.5 to Rs 5 million in case of National Assembly and from Rs one million to three million in case of provincial assemblies. Even if the pretext used for this increase is price hike, it is unfair mainly because it will deprive the genuine middle class people of their right to contest elections. Nothing could be more unfair than this in a developing country like ours. What message it must have sent down the line. The only decision by the election commission that could be welcomed is imposing restrictions on those elected representatives holding double nationalities. They will be disqualified if at any stage it is established that he/she holds double nationality. The Federal Government should now take seriously the demands of the political parties to appoint an independent election commissioner. One hopes that no further time would be wasted to arrive at a consensus to nominate someone from the lot of retired judges as election commissioner who can earn the much-needed credibility for our electoral process. This is a requirement in any democratic system.