The Coast Guards have made the lives of our poor fishermen miserable; they are being victimized on one pretext or another. Recently a group of fishermen returning to Keti Bunder where the Coast Guards stopped them and asked them to give them 20 kg fish, instead of the expected 5 kg bribe. The fishermen refused the demand as they said they could not afford this amount. Hearing the refusal the Coast Guard authorities sized all their fish and compelled them to stage a protest against the highhandedness of the Coast Guard authorities.

Later, local police and officials of Marine Security Agency and some local elite intervened and made the Coast Guard return their seized cargo! Meanwhile, Pakistan Fisher Folk (PFF) has strongly criticized the highhandedness of the Coast Guard against these poor fishermen. The atrocities of Coast Guard authorities against poor fishermen have become routine. Will someone in authority look into the matter and remove such scoundrels from forces which are there to give us protection. Who can we trust when our supposed saviours become our plunderers?


Karachi, February 22.