NAIROBI : Bangladesh's High Commissioner to Kenya Wahidur Rahman has been attacked and slightly injured during a robbery at his Nairobi home, police said Sunday. Nairobi detective Nicholas Kamwende said two of the diplomat's local guards had been detained for questioning after Saturday night's attack. "The thugs stormed the residence and took away money and a few electronic items from the house, we are still looking for them," Kamwende said "The workers are being interrogated to establish if they knew anything prior to the attack at the High Commissioner's home," he added. Robberies with violence, including so-called house raids and carjackings, are common in the Kenyan capital. On the other side, attackers Sunday hurled bombs and opened fire at a prison van in northern Bangladesh, killing a policeman and freeing convicts from a banned Islamic outfit involved in 2005 mass bombings.

 Of the three convicts who escaped, two were members of the outlawed Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and were awaiting execution while the third was serving a life sentence, police said.

They were convicted of involvement in a series of bombings across the country in 2005 that killed at least 28 people. The police officer was shot dead after the attackers opened fire and hurled bombs at the prison van in Mymensingh district as the radicals were being taken to court for a hearing in another case, said local police officer Mahbub Hossain. "The officer died on the way to hospital and two other officers were injured," Hossain told AFP. The JMB set off hundreds of bombs nationwide between August and December 2005, including more than 400 small bombs in one day alone. The then Islamist-allied government launched a crackdown on the banned group and prosecuted more than 1,000 of its members.