LAHORE - The consensus of the public for construction of KBD can be sought through referendum which can be held within 15 days under independent judiciary on this extremely vital issue which is the life line of the country. Darkness and poverty would prevail in the country which will also result in the closure of industry and agricultural sector beside large scale unemployment if large reservoirs are not built, observed the Chairman IEP Lahore Centre Engineer Captain Syed Khalid Sajjad.

“Institution of Engineers Pakistan is shocked to read the Chief Minister, Punjab, statement about Kalabagh Dam that it cannot be built without the consensus of the people. IEP has some reservations as it appears that the statement is not based on true facts and having no logic. The matter may initially be referred to the Organizations interested to provide financial assistance like IMF, WB etc. and the local financial organizations in the country for their comments before giving such statements like above.”

Khalid Sajjad observed that CM’s statement could be considered as the height of hypocrisy as it is without any data regarding the opinion of the nation. If this is the stance of the PML (N) then we might have to bid farewell to the future of Pakistan, he added.

We are also sure that PML (N) and her allies are not oblivious to this horrible problem of water and power that will cripple the economy of the country. They will have to take a speedy decision to build this Dam as time and tide wait for none.

The Chief Minister should also go through the feasibility reports of the project prepared by the International experts long ago in consultation with the World Bank and other prominent organizations of the country like WAPDA, which are rusting under the  dust in WAPDA House just due to the negligence of our political leaders.

The Engineering Associations not only of Pakistan but throughout the world has already supported this project which can be carried out with our own recourses without begging for loan from the World Bank.