Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have warned the Ismaili’s and Kalash tribes residing in Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan that they should convert to Islam otherwise they would be attacked and forced to convert at gun point. The Kalash tribe, who are thought to number only 3500, are peaceful people. Large numbers of people participates in their religious festival of ‘Chilum Josh’ from all over the country. The TTP desires to impose their self defined ‘Shariah’ on Muslims and non-Muslims residing in the country. Islam was spread through conformism, not at gun point nor by the sword!

Unfortunately people who are working against the true spirit of Islam riddle TTP and denouncing Shariah as set by our holy Prophet (PBUH). This is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed and resolved. The brutal killing of FC personnel and uploaded their video on social media defied all laws of human decency leave alone trampling human rights and last if not least Islamic laws! It shows why the Taliban did not come to ‘Peace Talks’ and continue their attacks. In fact, they don’t want to hold negotiations for peace, because if they do and peace prevails in the country it would be against their agenda, which is to destroy Pakistan.


Islamabad, February 21.