LAHORE - The improved arrival of vegetables in the market has led to a slight correction in retail prices, as prices of most vegetables from potato, onions, spinach and peas are stable.

However, owing to soaring cost of production the shoppers feel that prices are not coming down to the old level, which prevailed a year or two ago. Vegetable harvesting is progressing across the country and high production is bringing sentiments down in the market.

The prices of most of vegetables and fruits were stable with potato prices going upward to Rs28 per kg in Sunday bazaars while in open market it was available for Rs30-40 per kg in different areas of city.

The prices of most of the vegetables remained stable in the Sunday bazaars of the city while an increase was witnessed in prices of some fruits. The prices of tomatoes, spinach, garlic and cucumber decreased. The prices of potatoes and onion increased and the prices of ginger and green chilies remained stable. In fruits, the prices of pomegranate and guava increased while the prices of apples decreased. The price of potatoes increased by Rs 2 per kg and they were sold for Rs 28 per kg. The price of cucumber decreased by Rs 5 per kg and they were sold for Rs 40 per kg. The prices of ginger remained Rs200 per kg while garlic price decreased Rs5 per kg and it was sold for Rs120 per kg.

The prices of tomatoes down by Rs5 per kg and they were sold for Rs40 per kg. The prices of onions also showed an upward trend and they were sold for Rs30 per kg. The price of lemon also increased by Rs 5 per kg and it was available for Rs60 per kg. The number of customers also remained thin and the sales of shopkeepers was not so high. “There was not much rush this time since it is the end of the month,” said a shopkeeper. He said normally he sold around 40 to 50 kg of potatoes but this Sunday he had sold around 25 kg.

Shopkeepers said that prices of fruits and vegetables remained stable this week as no major fluctuation has been observed in any item. However, visitors complained about overcharging by the shopkeepers in some bazaars. District Coordination Officer also made surprised visit to Shadman Bazaar this week and appreciated the efforts of the management of the bazaar and some fruit vendors too for selling quality fruits at the controlled rates. However, he did not bother to visit the several other main bazaars which is easy to approach for all top management of the district government in city.