The Prime Minister who had made many promises before he came to power does not seem to be interested in the fate of the Pakistanis, he attended his first Assembly session after much complains against his absence. After nearly eight months there is still no sign of any relief for the poor who have to brave long lines at petrol stations while their children go to school on empty stomachs, as there is no gas for their stoves. However the disconnect between the rulers is such that nobody is aware of the problems, the government seems to be hog tied by the TTP and led into a trap. The government does not have effective spokesmen to fend off the battle that is being fought in the media.

The TTP is making it quite clear that they have no qualms in murdering Pakistani soldiers and policemen. Their agenda, as in all revolutions is to create as much terror and fear amongst the people as they can. They do not care for the Constitution of Pakistan nor respect it as a country. Their aim is the pure spread of terror. The enemy for them is a corrupt and evil government which they have labeled as un-Islamic, a government that is only interested in lining its pockets. The behaviour in the last five years has shown this to be correct. The loud electoral promises of accountability have been set aside, and the mega scams that are all common knowledge, have yet to be brought to a close. So the election itself has been fraudulently fought and won.

Accountability (retribution) is another critical point of the TTP agenda, and one that may find favour with 180 million people. I have been warning of the threat of a revolution, it seems it is upon us, and the corruption is so rife, that the people may just welcome anybody to sweep away this mess. The TTP will bring their own executioners, and their own judges, the politicians have not realized that except for Imran Khan, no one else will be acceptable. They all stand tarnished.


Lahore, February 20.