Pakistan’s Civil and military leadership visited Karachi with an unequivocal message that success in anti-terror operation is inevitably and the only choice Pakistan has. Sindh Government has been told that it needs to beef up their efforts sincerely and to contribute to achieving everlasting peace. A comprehensibly formulated National Action Plan has already been given as a guideline to all the provinces, so only sincere efforts and untainted devotion is required by all the stakeholders to effectively implement it. Our civil and military leadership reiterated their stern stance against apathy, inefficiency and inaction on part of any stakeholder in the nation wide team, curbing the menace of terrorism. Furthermore, they expressed their resolve that indiscriminate action would be taken against all forms and shapes of terrorism, while purging all state institutions like the police force, of undue political indulgence. This is an appreciative resolve, as this will enable our security forces to work fearlessly with the prime objective of achieving peace and security.


Lahore, February 19.