The statement made by Inspector General of Police, Nasir Durrani that the terrorists took an unconventional route by entering the Imambargah in Hayatabad, Peshawar from a side wall, is highly ludicrous. Is he implying, that because the terrorists did not carry the attack from the main entrance, the security forces are absolved of any responsibility? So in effect, everyone in Pakistan should raise their boundary walls and turn their houses, mosques and work places into citadels? Because if the intruders come through your window, it’s your fault?

When the USA sensed a threat from the Taliban, they struck them in Afghanistan. Similarly it is not our own walls that we need to raise but those of our porous borders, that do not differentiate between friend from foe. It is also imperative that we realise that although FATA is formally part of Pakistan, it’s legal and administrative system resembles a colony and therefore separates it from the rest of the country. What is the need of overhead aircrafts, investigating number plates and bodies of the suicide bombers, if they came from neighbouring tribal regions, where the Police do not possess any jurisdiction or authority?


United Kingdom, February 13.