Every country is taking education seriously and providing it to their people. Education is key to a nations development. In Pakistan there seems to be no education and what is, is more of a joke, than what our people need. Our literacy rate is said to be 56%, as a person is considered literate who can write his or her name and read a few letters, so we can imagine the reliability of this figure.

Pakistan spend 60% of its total GDP on defense, that is why we feel safe because we know our borders are safe. Our dilemma is that we spend only 2.3% of our GDP on education. During past few years Pakistan has faced natural disasters like floods, earthquake, famine and war against terror and under such condition it is very hard for the government to improve education but if anyone wants to see a better Pakistan education must be promoted. We have to take this problem seriously because without education we cannot become a better nation.


Lahore, February 20.