Pakistan and England are in different pools in the World Cup but find themselves in quite a similar situation. England had comprehensively lost its first two matches against Australia and New Zealand. They were defeated by Australia easily and were thrashed by the Kiwis. Pakistan shared the same fate. They also were comfortably defeated in their first two matches by India and West Indies. Quite similar to how the English team lost, the Pakistani team lost the match against India without really putting up a fight and were crushed by the West Indians. However, the Englishmen have fought their way back into the points table with style. They put up a stellar performance in their third match against Scotland winning by a massive 119 runs. Their openers finally showed what they are made of and gave England a record breaking opening stand in the World Cup, of 172 runs. The much talked about Moeen Ali scored his debut century in a World Cup and its safe to say that it came at the right time. England was in desperate need for an inspired performance and Moeen Ali stepped straight up to the challenge. However, England was playing against a much weaker team. That is exactly the situation Pakistan finds itself to be in now as well. Their third match on Sunday is against Zimbabwe. A lesser team than Pakistan in every aspect. There is a lot of inspiration that Pakistan can take from England before going into their next match. England has redeemed itself and will only look to improve their performance from here on. Pakistan needs to follow suit otherwise we can call our World Cup campaign goodbye.

–Shaan Tahir