I visited Peshawar after a long time and witnessed the somber and heartening plight of Peshawar city after the incident of Army public School in the saboteurs and extremists killed mercilessly the future of the Nation, which effected commonly to every honorable citizen of Pakistan. Our masses bore loses of their loved ones for last 15 years without any reason. Our national image has worsened internationally and financially we are marginalized as foreign investors are reluctant to invest. After successful operation against religious extremists in tribal areas , now proxies are being played to enrage sectarian violence like in Iraq and Syria. Pakistan is a country of interfaith harmony and no such grudges were witnessed before.

National interest must be the priority for all stakeholders and this is the high time for our political icons, religious scholar to negate this notion and remain one single page for the sake of Pakistan. The bloodshed of innocent school children in Peshawar demands this unity and steadfastness among the pillars of state and religious scholars, to root out extremists. Now the fight is to save the country, the time is not far when sectarian extremism will touches its peak, as we witnessed it in the Gulf States. We have to reconcile for the sake of stability of Pakistan ,which was created after the struggles of decades, or we will not be forgiven by our forefathers, who sacrificed their lives to achieve independence for Muslims of the sub-continent.


Baluchistan, February 19.