Off late , the organisers of fashion shows have added a new item, that is live singing by famous artists , while the boys and girls are having a cat-walk on the ramp. This is perhaps to add more colour to the show. Previously these shows were conducted with only background music and songs. It is however disgusting to see that at times the entire theme or wording of these live songs is not relevant to the fashion show. On 24 January 2016 , I was watching a fashion show being aired by ARY Zindagi at about 9 .40 pm. This show was primarily showing boys having cat-walks in different men’s dresses. It was however quite embarrassing to see Amjad Ali Sabri singing live ‘bhar de Jholi meri ya Mohammad’ on the occasion. What I mean to say is that songs/qawwalis containing holy names have no relevance to such shows. I know a year back people did not like a similar act when such a song was aired during a morning show conducted by Dr Shaista with newly married Veena Malik and her husband.

I am totally in favour of freedom of expression .. However there is a dire need for a some sort of check by PEMRA on what is shown on TV. Any thing which is derogatory or which can hurt peoples religious feelings should not be shown on TV.


Islamabad, January 25.