A World Health Organization report had previously estimated that almost 15 to 18,000 people in Pakistan commit suicide while the number of suicide attempts are 3 to 4 times greater. The fact that this suicidal tendency in Pakistanis, especially youth, is increasing each year is alarming as they contribute to one fourth of these cases.

Depression is said to be the major contributor behind these tragic figures. A 2014 studied revealed that half of our country is drowned in depression because of increasing economic, political and social stresses and this is the gloomy reason behind three fourth of the suicidal attempts.

It’s safe to say that we have reached this state because our environment has made us vulnerable, fragile and we are slowly losing a sense of purpose in our life, and there isn’t a proper channel in which we can the stress and pressure forced upon an individual can be released.

A gap has emerged between the parents and their children which is filled with ignorance and dismissal. The youth fears to tell their parents anything as they are certain that it may lead to rejection and denial and that they won’t be able to understand the position of their child which turns out to be true in most cases. Their personal and social activities start being hidden behind a curtain which they are too afraid to reveal. Students are extremely pressurized by the apparent redundancies in our educational system, the bleak future prospects is making them hopeless. These aspects make them seek seclusion which aggravates the problem an compels them to taking their life in order to escape the miseries and depression inflicted upon them.

The fact that there is no national database to record the cases suicide and only 750 trained psychiatrists in Pakistan are making the matters worse this apathy shown towards the vulnerable victims needs to be stopped. Both the government and the community needs to adopt policies which would alleviate the depression and anxiety prevailing in our society, mainly children. Formation of a national suicide database to find out and analyze all the factors that lead to this act and training and recruitment of credible psychiatrists is a necessity of today’s competitive and uncertain world. The family needs to be more careful in the way they manage, treat and react to their children.


Islamabad, January 24.