Islamabad - The Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Baligh-ur-Rehman on Thursday said that government is taking measures to improve the policy for Early Childhood Education Development (ECED) in line with international standards.

The minister was addressing a ceremony arranged by an organisation ‘Parwan’, which is providing ECED in different schools under public private partnership in the federal capital.

The organization has launched a fresh campaign under the title of ‘Parwan ka Karwan’ to establish 0.5 million ECED in all across the country.

The minister, on this occasion, said that government is equipping the youth with skills that will provide early year’s provisions to the children.

“Ministry is improving its policies and guidelines in this regard,” he said.

Advisor to the Minister on Education Ali Raza explained Prime Minister’s Education Reforms and its contribution for ECED.

He congratulated Parwaan and announced his support for the Parwaan’s initiative and reiterated that PM reform program has introduced innovations in public private partnerships.

Both sectors with joint efforts can provide education to the masses. He stated that the government needs to consolidate and integrate different functions within to create a one-window operation facilitating education interventions in Pakistan.

‘Parwaan ka karwaan’ is a movement committed to making 0.5 million early childhood centres in Pakistan and ensuring access to ECCD education for children. Upon completion of its pilot phase, 1000 more early childhood education centres will be initiated. Chairperson Parwan Mehnaz Aziz informed the participants that the program addresses two distinct issues prevalent in Pakistan – lack of early childhood services for 3-5 years children and youth unemployment.

She said Parwaan has created a national model with the pilot where 135 youth were skilled to establish their early childhood care and education (ECCE) centres. Currently, 1498 children are availing early childhood care and education services at these centres. Youth are linked to financing services at Akhuwat to further improve their centres, said Mehnaz.

During 2016-19, 5000 youth entrepreneurs will be trained which will provide ECCE services to 72000 3-5 years age group children. This program is supported by ILM2 with financing from DFID. Parwaan commits to establish 0.5 million ECCE centres across the country in the next 10 years.

The event was attended by Country Director World Bank Illangovan Patchamuthu, educationists, civil society members, early childhood development specialists, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and a large number of youth.