Minister of Law Rana Sana ullah has said, “DHA explosion was not an act of terrorism,” reported Waqt News.

In a press conference Rana Sana ullah said, “According to initial reports issued by the forensic teams, no explosive or related material was found in the samples.” He further said, “it was not an act of terrorism but a gas cylinder or gas leakage explosion.”

Regarding the Gulberg blast hoax he said, “It was an irresponsible act who ever initiated it. Many people panicked and it caused a lot of stress to everyone. It should not be repeated, PEMRA is looking into it too.”

“We all have to be united in this hour of terrorism. These terrorists want to break us but we will not bow down to them and fight them till the last moment. In this war everyone has laid down their life,” Rana Sana ullah said.

Regarding a question about PSL Sanaullah said, “Today the decision for Pakistan Super League (PSL) final will be taken and shared with the public.”