FAISALABAD -  The 82nd bi-annual eye camp will start working on March 1 in Darul Hikmat Darul Shifa Hospital at Darul Ehsan Samundri Road and remain functional till April 1.

A target has been fixed to carry out the check-up and treatment of more than 13,000 eye patients. The medical team consisting of 80 specialist doctors and 250 paramedical staff would perform voluntarily during the camp.

It is pertinent to mention that the eye camp was started in 1976 under the supervision of spiritual leader Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi which is being held regularly twice in a year in the month of March and October.  After the death of Sufi Barkat Ali, the founder of Darul Ehsan, the free eye camp is being organised under the supervision of Mian Shafi and Mian Najibullah, the administrator and vice administrator of Darul Ehsan respectively.

Meal, medicines, accommodations, other medical facilities and lens for eyes are also provided for the deserving poor without any cost during the camp. The management of eye camp said that more than 532,000 eye operations had been conducted during the 81 camps while more than one million eye patients had been examined at outdoor section besides providing them with free treatment and medicines.

The successful ratio of hte camp is 99.96%, which is a world record. Provision of services, medical treatment, meal and dealing the patients without any discrimination are the salient features of the free eye camp.