Indeed, a push was given to history when it was decided by the Russians that they were going to preserve the body of the first ruler of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin. He is his current state looks like a 53-year-old when in fact his body is over 146 years old. Over 200 Russian scientists were working on the secret project to embalm the body of the political figure. His skeleton, muscles, skin and other tissues remain preserved to this day however his internal organs were removed. Even today, to ensure that the body looks as natural as possible, the scientists replace the damaged tissue with artificial material. The entire concept of preservation was challenged by the people when 70 percent voted against it and wanted Lenin to be buried.

The opposition led to the cut in government funding and forced private donations to carry on the process. It was a few years ago that the government re-took the responsibility to preserve to body of the icon once again. In 2016, the Russian government spent up to 13 rubles, which is about 198,000 dollars, of the federal budget to maintain the corpse. 92 years of hard work was out into the preservation process and every year a fresh coat of embalming fluid needs to be applied. Still, the majority of the people believe it violated the sanctity of the dead to have them preserved and displayed openly in a casket in a mausoleum and instead in order to honor them, they should be given a proper burial.

Every year the cost of keeping the body in its state also increases, using up more and more of the federal budget that could be allocated elsewhere for a more noble cause. However the justification given for the entire process was that it was done in recognition of his work and to commemorate him in a positive light along with giving the people the opportunity to pay their respects.

“Sometimes – history needs a push.”

–Vladimir Lenin