The Speaker National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, contacted the opposition leader, Khursheed Shah in a bid to request PPP to end the boycott of Parliamentary committee set for deciding on the matter of resumption of Military Courts in Pakistan. The Speaker managed to convince PPP to end boycott of parliamentary leaders meeting on extension of military courts .

Khurshid Shah said that the PPP top leadership has given a green signal to attend the meeting of Parliamentary leaders in regard to military courts extension. He further said that PPP’s parliamentary leader Syed Naveed Qamar would represent the party in the seventh meeting.

Khurshid Shah said that PPP top leadership has decided to nominate Naveed Qamar, PPP's parliamentary leader, as the party representative - symboling the party's green signal to attend the meeting.

In the sixth meeting of the Parliamentary leaders held yesterday, PTI, MQM and ANP put forth two demands. First was to retain the previous draft and the second was to formulate a parliamentary committee of national interest for the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) where MQM also demanded provision of 'extended' powers to the local governments in return for their support to the military courts extension.