Karachi - Pakistan Test batsman Asad Shafiq believes that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a good platform for him and for other players to learn more about Twenty20 cricket.

"It's going very nicely for me so far because it's a big opportunity for me and for every player in the league to perform well and perform in front of everybody," Shafiq said. "I really wanted to improve my strike-rate. In this format, strike-rate is very important so I really wanted to improve my strike-rate and average as well," he added.

"It's about intensity. I have to take my intensity level up to score big in this format because it's a very short format so you don't have much time to get in, really get set and then play your shots. I have to change my approach and I want to improve my intensity," he said in an interview with Sports 360. "Power hitting really matters sometimes, especially the last three or four overs when you need to be power hitting and I'm working on this as well."

Shafiq, who has the highest number of Test centuries batting at six (nine) and is 342 runs off Steve Waugh's record for the most in that position, admits he would like to bat higher up the order but is adamant that the team's desires come before his own.

"I think it's not about my personal thing, it's about the team and what Misbah and the coach thinks. They made a plan and they told me they want me to play at six," said Shafiq. "Personally, I always prefer to bat at the top of the order, number three or four. I'd like to be there but what matters is what the team requires from me," said Shafiq.

"If the team wants me to play at six then I'm really happy with this as well," he added. He said: “I'm working hard on my game to improve every day and to get better every day."