ISLAMABAD -  As five-member Supreme Court bench Thursday reserved its judgement on the Panama Leaks case, leadership of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) kept on cerebrating, what they said a premature victory, while Lahore was in panic.

A powerful blast ripped through Lahore’s affluent Defence area when the apex court was hearing the Panama case, one of the most controversial and important cases of country’s judicial and political history

Soon after the court reserved the judgement, the PTI leaders ignoring the panic of Lahorities started celebrating a premature victory as if the case had been decided in their favour.

Information Secretary PTI was the significant one among the PTI leaders who soon after the closure of Panama Leaks hearing spoke to media in front of the building of Supreme Court and posed as if the apex court had given its final judgement.

“The SC judgement will expose the ruling family and made clear their roles; the roles through which they have been pushing the truth under the carpet and promoting the falsehood,” Naeemul Haq said. He said that the decision will represent the hopes of the masses and will get closed all doors of corruption on the rulers.

Haq further went on to say that the puppet regime of ruling PML-N would come to an end after the decision. “If the decision disqualified Nawaz Sharif, he will not be able to hold the portfolio of the head of its party under the law and will be stood disqualified to contest the any elections,” he said adding the decision would be based on the truth.

Another PTI leader and member of the National Assembly Asad Umar while talking to a private TV said that Prime Minister and his family had nothing to say in their defence in the case. “What ever the decision would be but there is no need to form the inquiry commission and the decision would make everything clear,” he said. Chairman PTI Imran Khan chose his Twitter handle to speak about the Panama case and said: “I have given my best & fought to the last ball for my country against corruption & for justice. Now I am praying to the Almighty for success.”