Islamabad - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday continued to enjoy music and fun in the name of Insaf Super League (ISL) despite being aware of the blast that had struck Lahore.

The event started with matches at Bhutto Cricket Ground on Thursday. Palpably, it was a highly mismanaged event, like numerous such events of the party, as PTI leaders occupied the front rows while women workers and office-bearers were completely ignored.

The most astonishing thing about the event was all-pervading banners of Muhammad Amir Shaikh, who had lost elections as candidate for Union Council-30 chairman, having his portrait dangling that was much larger than that of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and local MNA Asad Umar who was nowhere to be seen till the fag end of the event. When Umar finally turned up at around 3pm, he stayed there for just 15 minutes and left the venue.

Another PTI leader Naeem Ul Haq also arrived at the venue, remained there for some time, enjoyed a group photo and left.

The most interesting thing to witness was that around 50 union council teams were involved in the event, while all the arrangements, kits, meal, seats and other stuff was the responsibility of respective union council chairman, but strangely none of them were introduced, invited for group photos, meeting with the chief guests, Umar or Naeem ul Haq.

A highly frustrated and seemingly dejected union council chairman on the condition of anonymity told The Nation, “We were not only asked to arrange kits, meal, but also to deposit Rs10,000 as entry fee and I refused to pay the sum.”

“We are toothless despite a year has passed and we are still waiting for powers and running from pillar to post to get our constituency problems resolved. I had met the mayor on a number of occasions and submitted him a list of my constituency problems, but to no avail,” he lamented.

He admitted that the PTI was being hijacked by certain people, who wer inflicting huge damages on party and the PTI chief, but nobody was ready to listen to genuine public concerns.

“I am dejected and thinking about leaving the party, as we can’t appease people to get meagre benefits, I am an elected chairman and people had huge expectations from us,” he said.

He agreed, “The event should have been called off in the light of Lahore blast, but we don’t have any say, Asad Umar steals the limelight, despite spending not a single penny and he didn’t even bothered to meet the elected chairmen as well.”