NOWSHERA VIRKAN -  Local people criticised the government for not resolving their problems like poor sanitation condition, shortage of Nadra offices and uncontrolled stray dogs in the city.

They urged the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to establish more offices in the city as the present office is unable to cater to the applicants due to increasing population.

The office was established more than 10 years ago and there is no increase in the number of offices with the passage of time following the growing needs of the citizens. It is overburdened due to growing work load and shortage of staff. It needs more offices to improve working capacity, they said.

The people said that Nadra office also faced with shortage of the staff against the growing number of the applicants, often found standing in long queues in and outside of the office, due to very slow process of issuing computerised national identity cards.  They demanded that the Nadra offices also be established at the rural areas to cover rural population locally in a bid to halt the flow of the people from rural areas to the city.

The Nadra office is also very small thus the people have to face difficulties during the process. Now separate space is available for females inside and outside of the building of Nadra. Upgradation of the Nadra building is need of the city.

On the other side, a large number of stray dogs are seen on the roads and streets. They create problems for the pedestrians particularly women and kids. They get afraid of going out alone in the street.  It has become very difficult for the kids to go to schools alone as they get scared of the stray dogs. Those get bitten by the stray dogs face even more problems acquiring medicine for dog bites. A number of traffic accidents have been caused by the stray dogs.  It is the responsibility of Municipal administration and Tehsil health authorities to take steps for elimination of stray dogs. Few months ago a campaign was launched by Municipality and health department, but it remained functional a few days. It is also observed that the heaps of garbage in different streets and roads are the resting points of stray dogs. These heaps of garbage at the permanent points create more difficulties for residents. The dogs attack the pedestrians from these points.