The major dilemma of our country is that none of the stakeholders are on the same page. We watch TV anchors almost every day saying that civil-military relations are not synchronised and there is a dire need to do that. Similarly, the political parties of our country are always ready for point scoring and hence end up mudslinging. The enemies of the land of the pure are not so innocent that they are not aware of all of our disparities, eventually giving them a way, one way or the other, to raise fingers on us, taking us as puppets and dealing with us accordingly.

Being strong, internally strengthened, is the way, without which we keep becoming anxious how others think of us, and what their policies would be towards us, eventually ending up formulating others-centric policies. For instance, in the recent elections of America, everyone wanted Hillary to win and not Trump because of his harshness towards us. The question arises why don’t all the political parties sit together and come up with solutions to deal any of such situations. I think this country needs internal coherence now more than at any other time in past so that we can move with the changes in the world and not get affected because of a lack of internal unity.

Our enemies fight proxy wars on our land and are always ready to sabotage the image of this country. The challenge is to tackle this issue and side-by-side make sure that we are able to answer our enemies without being faced with international loneliness, even if it is issue oriented, like Kashmir, or terrorism. Without having the fear that they would stop our aid, put diplomatic relations on halt or any such thing. When such things happen, the whole nation is psychologically affected.

The irony is that when we are into internal disputes, our neighbouring countries and the enemies are the ones who always take the central position to determine what kind of relations they want to have with us, taking whatever steps that they think are in their favour.

No doubt, China – the major support in all times – has been with us since ever, but we need to work on bilateral and diplomatic relations with other countries as well.

For all this, nationalism is, undoubtedly and unquestionably, the need of the hour. Opposition is welcome but not in only protests and rallies which directly or indirectly affect the economy of this country. The party in the government, now and forever, should also be able to satisfy all of those who accuse them of any allegations, if true then they should be ready to face the consequences and if false they should be ready to come out of it even stronger.

Maybe, people wouldn’t want to agree that our only benefit is to move together, but this is what the country needs. Unnecessary protests and rallies are not more than a wastage of money. Politics just for the sake of politics will not take us far. Just one pejorative statement given by our politicians against our country creates earthquake in the economy of our country.

Coming out on roads will never be in our favour. The National Assembly is a platform for the very purpose of discussing problems and coming up with solutions. Unless all the solutions of the problems are discussed and unanimously agreed upon, no party should be allowed to walk out of the Parliament and no government should be allowed to bypass any answer to the questions posed by the opposition.

Let the true democracy survive to serve people and you will witness that any party in the government who does not perform will be out of people’s mandate and the race.

Coming out on roads will never be in our favour. The National Assembly is a platform for the very purpose of discussing problems and coming up with solutions.