LAHORE: Veteran TV actor Farooq Zameer passed away after a protracted illness on Thursday.

His funeral prayer will be held in Lahore on Saturday. Pakistani artists and scholars expressed over the demises of the actor.

He started his career from PTV in 1990s and with his versatile acting shot to fame in TV industry. His famous TV dramas including Guriya, Surag-e-Zindagi and Shamali. His drama serial, Mukmala Aur Mahira, was a major hit.

Actor Faysal Qureshi on his twitter handle ‏@faysalquraishi  tweeted ‘VERY SAD NEWS.–Staff Reporter

Our great actor Farooq Zameer sahab just passed away. May his soul rest in peace.’

Former Pakistan Hockey Team Captain Fasi Zaka tweeted ‏@fasi_zaka ‘Farooq Zameer passes away. Great actor, the epitome of desi class and elegance.’

One of his fan Asif Khan tweeted that ‘Farooq Zameer is no more! One of the finest actors from Pakistan. I’m not sure but read years back that Salman Khan was his fan too.’

Another fan Natasha on her twitter handle ‏@OhTripe tweeted ‘In his demeanour, in his dialogue delivery, in his body language, Farooq Zameer embodied calm. A nuanced gem. Rest in peace and thank you.’

Amara Shah @ShahAmara_ that ‘charagh bhujtay chalay jar hay hain marhala var – Mein khud ko deikh rah hu fasana hotay hway.’