Originally the concept of Picture Story was introduced by Snapchat which is a smartphone application. 

The concept was different and half of the world became its users. And, recently it became very famous and trendy that other famous social-media apps began to follow the line.

Instagram was a photo-sharing app and it introduced Snapchat-like Instagram 'stories'. Later, it introduced Instagram Live which is very similar to Mark Zuckerberg's concept of Facebook Live.

Following this story hype, Facebook also introduced a similar concept recently in which you can Photo-share your status and feeling and also, can tag people in it.

And yesterday, WhatsApp 'Photo status' has been introduced. And, this is more similar to the Snapchat's concept.

People are not really liking this new update of WhatsApp and many people who didn't like Snapchat are calling this new feature of WhatsApp to be unnecessary and 'extra'.

And people's reactions are flooding Twitter:

Some have messages for Mark Zuckerberg as well.

She has a point!

Why is everything so cruel to us 90's kids?