The damage, public humiliation and rebuke which this country has been inflicted by immoral, illegal and totally unjustified activities of those involved in Axact Scam is shocking. Instead of embarking on a campaign to project this country in a positive shade, our self inflicting suicidal damage, motivated by greed, seems to have blinded us to our Islamic heritage, teachings of Prophet (PBUH) and vision of Quaid e Azam.It does not seem to bother those who matter, of the damage inflicted on Pakistan, by indefensible criminal activities like becoming a factory for manufacturing fake degrees, selling degrees all over the world, followed by blackmailing them, under cover of being an IT company. The embarrassment endured by honest hardworking and patriotic citizens by smear campaign launched in international print and electronic media cannot be imagined by those for whom money matters more than honor. Billions of dollars in black money earned by these criminals and their capacity to bribe this country’s various investigative and prosecution agencies has facilitated criminals to evade accountability in Pakistan, while their second cadre facilitators such as Omair Hameed have been punished in USA. Had half this damage been inflicted to some powerful individuals or stake holders of this country, they would have made life a living hell for culprits and ensured confiscation of their illegally acquired assets in addition to long prison sentences.This unfortunate country has witnessed powerful Land Mafia Don illegally occupy thousands of acres of state and private land yet managed to evade accountability with help of powerful stake holders. What is ironic is that all this is happening in a country which never tires of claiming to be Islamic State.MALIK TARIQ ALI,Lahore, February 10.