Rawalpindi   -   Despite strict ban on kite flying, Basant was celebrated on Thursday night and Friday in various areas of the city.Though the Punjab government had strictly imposed ban on kite flying to protect lives of the citizens, however; the youngsters were witnessed enjoying kite flying and even the police could not control supply of the kites.The city police made strict arrangements to enforce the ban as large number of police officials were positioned in different areas of the town including all the busy intersections and junctions of the city late night on Thursday to take action against the violators.However, late night, the citizens started flying kites with loud music and aerial firing which remained uninhibited.Kite flying was witnessed in the areas of Waris Khan, Dhok Khabba, Sadiqabad, Kohati Bazaar, Naz Cinema, Dhok Elahi Buksh, Javed Colony, College Road and other areas.Ahmed Ali, an educationist, said that kite flying was once a festivity but people used to fire guns with loud music while flying kites which was beyond comprehension. He said that the ban was violated and the silence on the part of authorities concerned was regrettable. The citizens demanded to devise a comprehensive plan and give a free hand to police without any political pressure to impose ban on kite flying.Meanwhile, As many as 11 persons, including a security guard of Benazir Bhutto International Airport, sustained injuries due to celebratory firing on Friday.According to media reports, the aerial shots were fired during a kite-flying completion held in Rawalpindi.Kite-flying can widely be witnessed in Rawalpindi despite strictly banned by the authorities.Also, Rawalpindi Police in their crackdown against kite flying ban violators netted 129 kite flyers and kite sellers besides recovering 51,538 kites and 638 string rolls, a car, 4 motorcycles, a rickshaw, 4 sound systems, a pistol, fireworks items and 8 liquor bottles on Thursday and Friday, the state-run APP news agency reported.According to a police spokesman, Rawalpindi Police on the directive of City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi conducted special operations and registered 81 cases against the violators. The spokesman said that the police during this season arrested 499 kite flyers and registered total 395 cases in different police stations.