FAISALABAD The diminishing water resources and heavy melting of glaciers due to climate change pose a serious threat to food and water security in the country, experts said. Therefore, it is need of the hour to establish water reservoirs on a war-footing to fight the emerging challenges. It was discussed at one-day seminar on water resources arranged by Water Management Resource Center and Department of Irrigation and Drainage, University of Agriculture Faisalabad at Old Senate Hall. Chairing the session, UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqbal Zafar said that the country had been placed in red zone in term of per capita water availability. At the time of freedom, the per capita water availability was 5,000 cubic meter that has declined to less than 900 cubic meter. He was of the view that heavy groundwater pumping, deteriorating water quality and water scarcity are emerging threat to agriculture sector for which we have to take concrete measures. WMRC, UAF, Director and Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi former vice chancellor Dr Rai Niaz said that excessive extraction of water by pumps was deteriorating the groundwater quality. He said that if the trend continues it will worsen the crisis. “We have to make the rational use of water. We are exploiting our resources from our own hands,” he said.Dr Riaz Ahmed from Canada said that efficient irrigation system would pave the way to reduce the water wastage. He called for constricting dams in order to face the challenges as we are sending a lot of water back to the seas. He said that the modern irrigation could help address the issue.Department of Drainage Chairman Dr Irshad said, “We have to adopt the mitigating measures keeping climate changes in view which is playing havoc with water resources. There is need to create awareness among the people about the rational usage of water. Our neighbors had established many dams but the country is lagging behind in construction of dams,” he said.