KARACHIA - family from Loralai district of Balochistan held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Friday against the government for not issuing Indian visa for treatment of their eight-year-old girl who is suffering from a heart disease.According to details, parents of minor girl, Saeed Bibi, held the demo outside press club. During interaction with media men, parents of the girl showed concern about their child‘s life. They informed their girl is suffering from congenital heart disease that needs open heart surgery in India. They said that their daughter was treated in India back in 2015 while the letters and documents showed details of her treatment.“Our child‘s life is in danger, so the authorities must take a prompt decision on the issue,” they said while showing previous visa record, passport, national Identity cards of parents and child, clearance certificates and diagnostic records. “If there is any facility for open heart surgery in Pakistan, we will never go to any other country. We want only our child’s life nothing else,” they added.They further informed that right now the only hindrance for their daughter cures is visa issuance whereas the medical treatment is about 0.8million but that they consider as a secondary issue.