LAHORE - Ahsan Naqvi and his wife won the Royal Palm couples golf title here on Friday at the Royal Palm golf course.The competition was played over nine holes and attracted 26 couples with male golf players with substantial and impressive golf playing skills and ability and their wives whose golf playing skills are limited to putting only. This represents a rare occasion in the golf arenas of Pakistan where the competition revolves around cohesiveness between the husband and the revered wife with husbands acting as the coach on every shot that the wife hits. And interestingly, the activity turned out to be an excitement filled event for the wives who otherwise are fairly unaware of their husbands golf skills and what they actually have to face on the golf course when shot making and putting starts to go awry and rhythm leaves them distraught.The combined golfing, no doubt, cleared and clarified many facets and enhanced the technical knowledge of the wives and after the match the couples went back home feeling more close and with added understanding. As for the competition, quite a few good golfers missed out winning mainly because of errant shots or inaccurate hitting and such disappointed ones included Hammad Baig, Abid Aziz Sheikh, Dr Nadeem, Ahmed Buksh Tarrar, Ahsan Shamim, Irfan Raja and Waseem Ahmed.­The delightful aspect was that their wives took their less sparkling golf performance in their stride and while they appreciated the good shots during the golf outing, they also encouraged their husbands, when the shots lacked quality. The really perfect couple combination turned out to be that of Ahsan Naqvi and his wife. Both of them exhibited brilliant stroke play and while Ahsan was accurate in shot making, his wife was fluent on the greens and putted like a champion. The couple won with a score of net 26. Runners-up in this competition were Mr and Mrs Khalid Khan and wife with the score of net 27.Others in line were Mr and Mrs Nasir Mehmood and Mr and Mrs Mansoor Zaigham.The encouraging thing was that the wives felt really cheered up with the beautiful environment at the Royal Palm golf course and commented that they considered their husbands fortunate to be playing at Royal Palm. Hopefully, many of them pledged to take up golf.