KARACHI: National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) Chairman Usman Mubeen paid a surprise visit to numerous centres in Karachi, by disguising himself as a common citizen to witness the operations. 

He stood in queues of applicants without disclosing his identity and spoke to them until his turn came. According to NADRA spokesperson, Chairman heard the complaints of people and observed the whole process of procuring Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) at the SITE centre.

In disguise the chairman witnessed how the staff were redundantly causing difficulties for the applicants, besides two counters at the centre were vacant. 

When he reached the counter, the staff raised objections on the application submitted by Mubeen and they also refused a CNIC to a resident of another city.

He then suspended two staff members, including a female employee, over causing excessive trouble for the citizens. 

“Strict actions are to be taken against the officials causing trouble to citizens visiting the Nadra centres,” Mubeen warned. Later, the chairman also paid surprised visits to other centres in the city.