ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Friday predicted a third decision against him after his removal from the premiership and presidentship of the Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz.

While talking to media persons outside the courtroom after appearing before the Accountability Court Islamabad in the corruption references against him and his family, the former prime minister said that soon a third decision would also be announced against them and he would be deprived of contesting elections. He was of the view that these decisions would not be written in golden words.

Nawaz Sharif also said that the supplementary references filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against him and his family have nothing new and soon the same would be turned down.

He continued that the UK-based prosecution witness Robert W Radley, Principal, Radley Forensic Document Laboratory and forensic handwriting and document examination expert said that the Calibri font was only available to IT experts and today he admitted that he was also using the same font although he is not an IT expert.

In response to a question, he said that you must have an obvious idea after the statement of the witness whether our stance has been strengthened or that of the Joint Investigation Team.

“Now, people are realising that there is nothing substantial in these references,” he maintained.

Earlier, the former prime minister, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law Captain (retd) Muhammad Safdar appeared before the AC judge Muhammad Bashir amid tight security.

In the beginning of the proceedings, notes prepared by the prosecution witness for arguments were handed over to Khwaja Haris. NAB prosecutor Imran Shafiq requested the court to make notes of Radley as part of the court record.

Radley said that any operator or IT expert could download pre-released Window vista beta version and could used it. It is correct that the second possibility for downloading Window vista beta was that the user had have access to the beta tester or within certain organisation to download beta. It is correct that the third possibility for downloading Window beta vista user must have technical ability to download and run on.

He said that after 2005 Microsoft had introduced six fonts and Calibri font was one of them. There are different types of Calibri fonts and he has not mentioned in its report that there are different types of Calibri font.

Khawaja Haris asked the witness that he was the creator of the Calibri Font given an award for his services in the field of IT. Radley said that yes he was awarded. Windows introduced six fonts from 2002 to 2006, Haris said, questioning the witness if he had stated the same in his report. The witness responded that the report was technical in nature hence this detail was not mentioned.

Radley informed the court that he had received the documents of two trust deeds on July 6, 2017 to compile the report, however, time was too short to draft a comprehensive report and he can make 10 times more detailed report if he was given more time.

At this, Haris raised the question: “Due to shortage of time you have not prepared correct report?” The witness said that no this expression is wrong. “Shortage of time did not affect and quality of his report but it affected the extent which he could explain every point”, he said.

The defence counsel asked from the witness that you are an IT expert. Radley replied that he is not computer expert but he has knowledge of computer.

The witness told the court that he wanted to change his statement. On this Khawaja told him that your statement had been recorded a day earlier and now he was to be examined.

Radley said that it is correct that second and third pages of both the declarations were identical as per my first report. I did not gone through the contents of two documents and he used the method of Video Spectral Comparator to determine as the two documents are identical are not, he said, adding that electronic comparison is better than visual comparison.

The witness said that he used Video Spectral Comparator in respect of two scan documents for comparison for purposes of super imposition of the documents. “I have modified the size of the documents but I have not mentioned specifically in his report for purpose of super imposition he modified size of two documents for purpose of ascertaining whether they are identical or not”, he said.

Another UK-based witness Akhtar Fyaz Raja, Principal Quist solicitors also recorded his statement via video-link from Pakistan High Commission in UK. He told the court that he is working in his law firm and it was established in 1994.

Raja said that he was engaged by Jointed Investigation Team that he propped Panama paper case on May 12, 2017 to provide legal service related to Supreme Court proceedings regarding various petition against Nawaz Sharif and his family.

He said that after he was engaged, he received copies of bundle of papers submitted before the Supreme Court. After receiving the paper, he discovered a letter dated January 5, 2017 from an English firm and two letters by solicitor namely German Frimen in which he referred to two trust declaration deeds. The first declaration related to companies Nelson and Nescol and the second declaration was related to a company namely Comber group. He said that Frimen stated that Hussain Nawaz came to his office, carrying these declarations and signed them.

 The witness said that he found copies of both declarations in a bundle of papers. “I looked the documents carefully and there were many irregularities in it”, he said, adding that these documents appeared to be forged.

He said that the JIT instructed me to appoint an expert as these documents deserve expert examination. I had recommended Radley to JIT and provided copies of documents to Radley. Raja said that he had provided first report to Radley on July 4, 2017 adding that on July 5 the JIT had informed him they were sending further portion of the documents of the two trust deeds. The reports prepared by Radley and signed by him were sealed in his laboratory in his presence and delivered to JIT.

The defence counsel Amjad Pervez and Khawaja Haris crossed Akhtar Raja. The court after completion of cross examination of Raja adjourned hearing till March 2 for further proceedings.