SARGODHA National Technology Council (NTC) Chairman Akbar Saeed Awan said that NTC was striving for developing Pakistan with the promotion of quality education through modern technology.He said it aimed to ensure quality teaching and training of teachers to develop technologists for the benefit of society as it is need of the hour in the world.He made these remarks while briefing the chairmen and heads of various faculties, departments and colleges affiliated with University of Sargodha (UoS) about the objectives and vision of NTC during a meeting held at UoS on Friday. The NTC Chairman informed it was a body delegated by Higher Education Commission (HEC) to regulate technology-related programmes in Pakistan. "We need to ensure that technology graduates and professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and skills through maintaining standards of professional ethics, ensuring national and international benchmarks and providing opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)," he added.Saeed Awan remarked that Sydney Protocol had been transformed into global protocol after bringing all spheres of technologies at a common platform. Consequently, he added, there was a dire need to ensure the synergy of scientists, engineers and technologists for improvement of industrialisation by offering the next generation approach and by actualizing the policy framework.The chairman also stressed a need for focusing on the practical side of the technology as under Sydney Protocol, technologists are trained in the practical skills. He was of the opinion that instead of merely transmitting years old knowledge to the next generations, 70% of technology course taught at educational institutions should be of practical nature."There is lack of industrial environment space both in engineering and technological domain on job internship and supervised industrial training which leads to lower level of proficiency and professional potency to confront the challenges posed by the ground realities," he added further.He vowed that the establishment of NTC was meant to ensure that technology graduates and professionals were equipped with the right knowledge and skills through maintaining standards of professional ethics, ensuring national and international benchmarks are met, stimulating a culture of entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for CPD.He maintained that NTC would make efforts to nurture an ecosystem where stakeholders' needs are met and the council can echo an authoritative voice of technologists in Pakistan.While emphasising the importance of accreditation, the chairman opined that accreditation with an external body ensures that quality technology education programs comparable to international standards are run in all universities of the country.Through accreditation, NTC ensures the highest degree of credibility in assurance of quality technology education and relevance of professional education & training to all stakeholders such as academicians, business houses, educational institutions, government, industry, regulators, students and their parents, he concluded.Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed said that the provision of quality education should be the first priority of the HEIs and accreditation authorities so that, instead of quantity, quality be focused mainly.