ISLAMABAD     -    Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyam Aurangzeb said the Prime Minister would announce the cultural and film policy on February 26 to ensure systematic and integrated mainstreaming of cultural and ethnic cohesiveness.Speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Artists Convention and the CPEC Cultural Caravan Festival at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), she said both grand events would pave a path for long- lasting cultural impact across frontiers. With the emergence of CPEC, the cultural fusion would add more colours of ethnic identities and values to the regional interactions among the people.The state minister said the government has laid the foundation of National Film Academy, National Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts, academies for music, theatre and visual arts. The cultural revolution is in the offing that would bring a lasting socio-professional change in the lives of the artists in the days to come.The minister said that Pakistan government has put in huge investments in cultural mainstreaming and promotion for the ethnic and cross-cultural cohesiveness. The artists community has been facing the similar challenges of extremism and terrorism as the entire nation was caught in for over three decades.      The CPEC Cultural Caravan Festival and the Artists Convention would take off on Saturday morning at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts while the closing ceremony of the 9th National Art Exhibition and the CPEC Cultural Caravan Festival would take place on Monday at the Pak-China Friendship Centre.The PNCA Director General Syed Jamal Shah said all the grand events would leave a significant cultural impact at home and abroad. Support to these initiatives shows the government’s patronage towards promoting and mainstreaming the Pakistani culture to wipe off the ambiguous notions about the country.He said the government has very generously provided funds for the culturally important interventions. Recently, the government has also approved the PC-II of the National Film Academy and has provided Rs. 55 million for the feasibility study and the design competition. The government has approved another five PSDP projects including National Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts, up-gradation of technical facilities for the film projection, construction of a restaurant along with souvenir shop, installation of multilingual multimedia information system for the visitors of the National Art Gallery and the PNCA open air theatre.