KARACHI - Pak Sarzameen Party on Friday formally initiated its journey to the parliamentary politics with its eight members – defectors from MQM-P and PTI – participating in the Sindh Assembly sitting on Friday.The members who participated in the Friday’s Sindh Assembly sitting were elected on the mandate of MQM-Pakistan and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf but they announced participating in assembly proceedings from now on the platform of PSP.Those members who attended the session from PSP side included seven defectors from MQM-P including Sheraz Waheed, Bilqees Mukhtiar, Nadeem Razi, Muhammad Dilawar Qureshi, Irtiza Farooqi, Mehmood Razzaque and Sheikh Abdullah while one belonged to PTI - Syed Hafeezuddin.Talking to media at the Sindh Assembly, PSP Vice Chairman Wasim Aftab said that today is the worst day for the RAW agents operating in Karachi as PSP has decided not to leave any stone unturned for the peace and stability of Karachi and in doing so PSP has formally started attending provincial assembly sessions and shall fight Sindh case especially that of Karachi in Sindh Assembly with full vigour.He said that Karachi will not be a foster child anymore as they have come to take care of it as the real heirs of the city.Talking to media earlier, PSP member Muhammad Dilawar said that they had decided to attend the sessions on the regular basis and raise their voices for Karachi cause.Pointing fingers toward the ruling party of Karachi, he said that the so called “representatives of Karachi” had damaged the city and its people to the extent of no return but PSP has just the right formula and will turn around the wheel not only for Sindh but for Karachi too.He further stressed that PSP won’t let those powers who are working against Pakistan to nourish on the blood of motherland.He said that PSP lawmakers shall not keep their stipends for themselves but shall give it to the poor families of the martyrs.On the other hand, the crisis within the Muttaida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan that is the second biggest parliamentary party of the province and major stake holder of the Urban Sindh- has reached the provincial assembly and on Friday only four out of 37 of its lawmakers attended the assembly proceedings.Talking to media before the assembly proceedings, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Khawaja Izharul Hassan said that if rifts within MQM persist then he would also mull over not attending the next proceedings. “It could be my last attendance at the provincial assembly and I only came today to pray for the soul of Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani,” he said adding if such condition persists then it would also be difficult for them to cast vote in the Senate elections.He said that MQM lawmakers are angry over the rifts within party and they had given a clear message to both PIB and Bahadurabad groups that they would not accept this division.He said that PSP members had only come to the house to vote in Senate elections. “They ask MQM to leave the mandate of its founder but now they should tell as to on which mandate they are coming to the assembly,” he asked.Talking to media, MQM lawmaker Mehfooz Yar Khan condemned the presence of strangers in the assembly and said that the resignations of those who had defected from MQM-P to PSP should be accepted as a letter is written to the ECP in this regard.“How a person elected on MQM-P ticket could represent PSP,” he asked.Meanwhile, Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah welcomed the PSP members in the provincial assembly and said that they had always opposed their resignations move from the house.He also lambasted at the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and said that he was getting what he sowed for others and should implement the court orders.“In past Nawaz Sharif supported decision against Yousuf Raza Gillani then how could he now oppose decision against himself,” he said.SA PAYS TRIBUTE TO BIJARANIA resolution was also passed from the Sindh Assembly paying tribute to PPP Sindh Assembly lawmaker and Provincial Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani. The resolution paid tribute to the political and parliamentary struggle of the PPP leader.The provincial assembly proceedings on Friday began an hour late from scheduled timings with deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shaehla Raza in the chair. The proceedings were wrapped up early after only taking up the resolution paying tribute to Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani due to the death of the sitting MPA of the assembly.It is a tradition of the provincial assembly that it adjourns the very next sitting of house after just taking up initial agenda over death of any sitting lawmaker of the Sindh Assembly.    Paying tribute to Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani on Friday, the chief minister said that everyone was aggrieved over his loss and he was one of the closest associates of Benazir Bhutto. “He was also a close companion of not only my father but also me from the 1970s,” he said.The chief minister said that his wife Fareeha Razzaq Haroon also remained a lawmaker of the provincial assembly and their death had made everyone aggrieved.The house also prayed for the departed souls of Mir Hazar Khan Bajirani, his wife Fareeha Razzaq, veteran lawyer Asma Jahangir, Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud and others.One minute silence was also observed in the house over the demise of PML-F lawmaker Nand Kumar’s mother.The House was adjourned to meet again on Monday afternoon.