The world’s commitment to “Never again” repeat the horrors of World War II has once again failed in the killing fields of Syria. The appalling global response to the Middle Eastern crisis in general and that of Syria, in particular, is a reflection of the moral bankruptcy of the civilised world. 

In a fresh spree of airstrikes by the regime forces supported by Russia, more than four hundred civilians have lost their lives, and more than two thousand have sustained wounds since Sunday. Danse Macabre is in full swing in Eastern Ghouta. The world’s failure to get Russian support for a month-long ceasefire has turned the area, in the words of Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, as “hell on earth.” 

The aerial bombardment of the town has paralysed every aspect of civilian life. People are facing immense difficulties in securing food and other necessities. The reckless strikes have also made it impossible for relief workers to carry on with their task of saving lives. In fact, the regime deliberately makes their work difficult, as in some instances hospitals and medical facilities were razed to the ground. Such bellicose behaviour of the Assad government is in direct violation of the international humanitarian law (IHL). Together with foreign assistance, mainly in the form of Russian warplanes conducting airstrikes, the regime is also showing no respect for international law.

 As if the regime’s assault on civilians was not enough that Turkey has also entered into a fight against Kurdish militias in Afrin, a stronghold of Kurds in northern Syria. The situation on Syrian soil will worsen as Damascus sends reinforcements to assist Kurds against Turkey’s bombing of Afrin. Enough is enough. The war in Syria needs to come to an end. The Syrians deserve peace now. Global and regional powers need to rescind their narrow national interests for bringing peace to Syria.