The mystery man at the famously infamous London flats financially owned politically disowned by the Sharif clan, secretly and suspiciously meeting the elder brother (aka the bad boy) along with three others in presence and seen off via the back-door by the younger one (aka the good boy) over the weekend gripped the entire nation back in Pakistan in a hyper frenzy state, not without any reason. While the grapevine is already long dripping with juicy news about Sharif clan mending its ways with the powers-that-be and some rife rumours of certain powerful meetings already taken place sometime back in London, discussing the possible political scenarios come summer, in order to cover up the confab, certain quarters came up with the most abysmal excuse of the ‘mystery man’ being some pizza boy… aah, oh boy! Well, pizza or no pizza, the news in itself had the political pizzazz. People in Pakistan are still eager to find out if this oven-hot pizza had any meat in it. Few others calling the ‘mystery man’ some old friends of Sharifs, once a pilot who also flew them back in Pakistan in 2007 ending the exile. Well, if that be, who is flying them back to Pakistan this time and would it be a direct or a transit flight?

Without going into the long, tiring debate of whether the young captain boy of Islamabad is on a successful path of governance or not, let’s look at the few possible political scenarios which might unfold:

A) National Government: Neither of the two big political parties PMLN and PPP are willing for it. Openly. Bilawal Bhutto is on an aggressive political tour of Punjab and has already made it clear he is neither in favour of any power-sharing formula nor would he accept it. Take this also as a cue from his father and co-chairman Peoples Party. However, noteworthy and interesting is, the young boy of an old, ailing party with still a strong base of dedicated, committed yet shrinking workers base calling Nawaz Sharif – the political ally of recent past not longer than a honeymoon period – “selected” and comparing him to Imran Khan. Ouch, boy! One, since Bilawal is in Punjab and traditionally anti-PMLN, anti-Nawaz rhetoric appeals to PPP Punjab worker, this could merely be a political attempt by the young boy to grip his workers’ hearts and to reclaim the political space in the biggest province. But, wait. What about the timing? Just a few days back PPP Punjab chapter was defending the situation and condition of PMLN and the Sharifs. So what does one expect now? Would we see PPP and PMLN at loggerheads simultaneously while they take PTI heads on…? What could be the possible political outcome? A divided opposition or segregated politics? Bilawal calling Nawaz selected in comparison to Imran Khan would certainly dent the cordial atmosphere built between the two opposition parties over a period equivalent to Tabdeeli Sarkar. Does it mean, Bilawal B is privy to certain developments taking place in London? Yes, it does. There seem to be no other solid and convincing enough reason recalling the politics and gimmicks of the nineties after the charter-of-democracy took place and more so in the concurrent political scheme.

B) Could the assemblies be dissolved if and fresh elections are needed to be held? This depends majorly upon the young captain boy of Islamabad. The option can not be ruled out; however, it seems far till the annual budget or the completion of two-year tenure of the government.

C) In-house change: Could be either immediate or one after long prudence over the pros-and-cons. If and ever there is any in-house change, the incoming one would not be from PTI. It could not be. The party is nil, zilch, a zero-sum game without the charismatic, energetic young captain. You take him out, you drain it out. Can and will the young captain sacrifice himself for some ‘bigger cause,’ some ‘bigger purpose’ desired of him? Who could and who would fill in his shoes. No one, at least from PTI. Well, some outsider then, perhaps. While you read this column, an important bail petition of a former prime minister would be under hearing at Islamabad High Court. Bets are placed. Not an open secret that he enjoyed and still enjoys the trust of his party heads (yes, all of them) and is considered a viable option in the present plot among the deep-power-corridors. Chaudhrys of Gujarat might also play an important role here and to secure some big position in Punjab they been eyeing for long. Option C is what is said to be deliberated upon for the future but in that case what would be the future of the young captain of Islamabad. That is still as unclear as the governance future of the regime. An in-house change with elections in a year or so seems suited for the time being but the bigger question arises, in that case, would the country be back to the previous bipartisan setup. Would there ever be a force of change or would it be called a new status-quo? Would the country see another third force emerging in the next five to ten years as an option for the people or will the people themselves take the lead against a forced change? Boy, oh boy… there are too many questions and too limited answers.

For now, enjoy the PSL matches and hold your breaths till the grand political match unfolds in March.

Gharidah Farooqi

The writer is a prominent talk show host. She currently hosts G For Gharidah on Aap News. She tweets @GFarooqi