LAHORE                 -           In a province-wise crackdown on quacks, the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has sealed another 54 quackery centres in nine cities. During the last week, the action was carried out on all types of quackery, which included quacks posing as general physicians, and non-compliant laboratories, maternity homes, hakeems, homoeopathic doctors, opticians, dentists and others. The teams had raided 350 treatment centres as per the census. Out of these, 69 quacks were found to have either changed their business or closed down their centres. Also, the PHC had put 219 centres under surveillance since at the time of the visits, these were being operated under the supervision of the qualified medics. Among the closed-down outlets, 15 were in Jhang, Sialkot 13, Mianwali 11, four each in Lahore and Kasur, while three were in Gujrat. In Lahore, these included Ali Hajveri Medical Store, Muhammadia Free Dispensary, Nadeem Dental Clinic and Middle East Healthcare. “So far the PHC has sealed 24,769 quacks’ outlets, while imposing a fine of Rs505.37 million,” added a spokesperson of the PHC.