This refers to a series of news reports regarding PM Imran Khan’s erroneous ‘boycott’ of the KL Summit. It compromised Pakistan’s sovereignty as well it damaged our credibility in the community of nations.

Succumbing to Saudi pressure has placed Pakistan in the Saudi camp, alienating vital nations like Turkey, Iran and Malaysia. In the changing global alignments, Pakistan’s interests rest in close ties with these well developed and mature non-Arab countries along with China. The immediate fallout of Imran’s U Turn has already damaged the proposed neutrality between Saudi Prince and Iran and sent a message that Pakistan’s leadership is dangerously vulnerable.

Pakistan’s huge population and military gains has been nullified. On the domestic front, the parliament was ignored, which otherwise could have become handy like in the Yemen crisis, when it declared Pakistan’s neutrality avoiding Saudi pressures. Imran Khan has failed us as an effective leader. The nation’s head bows in shame.