After the detection of the coronavirus in Iran, the government of Pakistan has alerted the government of Balochistan to deal with the matter very aggressively to ensure no migrants carry the virus back to Pakistan. Pakistan has been very vigilant regarding the spread of coronavirus. The federal government made the best possible decision at a time when a large number of people can be exposed to this virus, and the health system of Pakistan is not completely equipped to deal with such a disease. The Balochistan government has imposed an emergency in all adjoining areas around the porous border with Iran. Law enforcement agencies at the border have been provided teams with thermal equipment to deal with the virus.

The government is also laying the foundation of a make-shift tent hospital in Taftan to provide medical facilities to migrants from Iran. This will allow the authorities to manage the situation as soon as people enter the country. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and health departments are involved in the execution of the make-shift hospital. If the pilgrims skip the medical sessions at the border, they have also been advised to go to nearby hospitals to get themselves checked. Local hospitals have also been alerted to deal with the situation. It is encouraging to see the government dedicatedly fighting another health crisis in Pakistan. It should be followed by measures that allow access to more resources in hospitals and medical centres along with the availability of doctors and medicines to ensure that people who do come for checkups do not return without a satisfactory medical exam.

The government cannot close the border with Iran due to the religious sensitivities of the pilgrims, however, the government can certainly advise people travelling outside the country to be mindful of these developments and take care of themselves accordingly so that they do not jeopardise the health of fellow citizens and aide the mass breakout of the disease in the country.