The last year 2019 proved to be injurious to the collective health of Pakistan. The country had suffered a lot in 2019 when it comes to health. Several unimaginable diseases have appeared in the country such as dengue, XDR-typhoid, HIV/AIDS and especially polio which has broken the records of past many years with at least 119 cases.

When we throw glance on XDR-typhoid’s cases, that may not be less than a shameful year for the country where in just August 4,700 cases were reported in Sindh alone. The HIV/AIDS outbreak can be one another shambolic discussion which occurs in Sargodha and Larkana districts. The cases are painful to be said that only in a couple of months in Larkana alone more than 700 children were victims of HIV/AIDS.

Nevertheless, over 50,000 cases of dengue fever were reported across the country in the year. It extremely pains me when I heard about the health crisis in our country of the last year. I would like to see major improvements in healthcare in the new year 2020.