ISLAMABAD-Islamabad police have started a campaign against illegal use of loudspeaker in the limits of the federal capital.

According to the officials, unnecessary use of loudspeaker is a violation of West Pakistan Regulations and Control of Loudspeaker and Sound Amplifier Ordinance 1965.

The police have decided to reach public through social media against the use of loudspeaker which disrupts tranquillity or causes unrest or division amongst society.

It said use of loudspeaker except for Azaan, Friday sermon and important public announcements is illegal.

The police said that the violators would be dealt with an iron hand as they can face imprisonment upto one year or a fine of Rs50,000 or both.

A spokesman for the local police said that the police have decided to first educate public about the campaign against illegal use of loudspeaker and then the violators would be penalised as per law.

He said that the high-ups have decided to take strict action once the campaign concludes.

In 2011, the Parliament had passed a bill to amend the West Pakistan Regulation and Control of Loudspeakers and Sound Amplifiers Ordinance, 1965, in its application to the Islamabad Capital Territory to extend punishment with simple imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or with fine which may extend to Rs50,000 or both.

The move was aimed at providing a mechanism to control misuse of amplifiers and loudspeakers and a major deterrent to the growing sectarianism in society. Religious leaders belonging to various sects promote their concepts by misusing loudspeakers, resulting in inter-sect clashes.

In majority cases, Khateebs at different worship places have been found misusing or violating ban on the use of loudspeakers while delivering speeches during Friday prayers. The police said that in view of the prevailing situation, vigilance has been mounted around all worship places in the capital in connection with misuse of loudspeaker.

There are over 600 worship places in the city, according to the officials. The issue becomes more serious especially during the month of Muharram. Before the start of Muharram, the police usually take undertakings from all Khateebs that they would not violate the ban, the officials said.

Meanwhile, Lohi Bher Police arrested inter-provincial dacoit gang involved in dacoity, as well as robberies and recovered cooking oil, ghee, truck, car and weapons from their possession. According to the police officials, DIG (Operations) Waqar-ud-Din Syed had taken notice and ordered all zonal officers to crackdown against criminals including those involved in highway robberies.

Especially constituted special teams under supervision of DSP Rukhsar Medhi successfully busted five members of inter-provincial dacoit gang involved in dacoity and robberies. The arrested persons have been identified as Tufail, Aqib, Shafi, Umer and Hassan. The police team also recovered looted items - cooking oil, ghee, truck, car and weapons along with ammunition from their possession. According to the police, the accused have looted a truck load of ghee and cooking oil at a highway.

During the preliminary investigation, they confessed their involvement in incidents of dacoity and robberies in various areas of the twin cities. A case has been registered at Lohi Bher police station against the nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.

Furthermore, CIA arrested Ahmed Raza, a resident of Awan Colony, Rawalpindi and recovered 10 cell phones, two laptops, and a dagger from his possession.

During the preliminary investigation, the accused has confessed his involvement in incidents of looting people in various areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

A case has been registered at Ramna police stations against the nabbed person and further investigation is underway.