President Dr. Arif Alvi said on Monday that Pakistanis through their continuous efforts had not only strengthened and stabilized Pakistan on various fronts but were also advancing in this direction.

Addressing the inaugural session of three-day 12th Nazria-e-Pakistan Conference organized by Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust (NPT) here at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehreek-e-Pakistan, he added that while passing through thick and thin, Pakistani nation managed to control “fissiparous and centrifugal tendencies” in the country and achieved a niche in the comity of the nations.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that Pakistanis had become a unique nation in the world by proving their worth in every field, adding that in accordance with global norms for humanity, Pakistan welcomed and hosted 5.1 million refugees from Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds for decades which was unprecedented in the world.

He said, “I told the UN Secretary General during his recent visit to Pakistan that I am proud of my nation that there had been no political or general resistance for Afghan refugees’ influx to Pakistan,” and added, “Even today 2.7 million Afghans refugees are living here”.

He said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal brought about awakening in the Muslims of sub-continent through his inspiring poetry and thought-provoking philosophy, which led them to strive for an independent homeland by enthusiastically launching Pakistan Movement.

And Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah through his political sagacity succeeded to carve out a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent.

“We have been facing Kashmir issue since inception of Pakistan,” he said ,and mentioned that when Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had approached UN Security Council,a budding organization then, for a ceasefire appeal.He said Pakistan was optimistic about UN, that it would settle Kashmir issue on merit and as per justice,saying”We had done the right thing and since then we have not left any logical option in this regard.”

President said that despite India’s war hysteria Pakistani nation, the leadership, media and all segments of society always advocated peace, which was evident from the fact the Pakistan had set a good example by returning the Indian pilot last year.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that Pakistan has world’s best army which brought back peace in the country by fighting out terrorism in a very short span of time.

Dr. Arif Alvi appreciated that Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust had been playing a greater role in promotion of vision and mission of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s philosophy and message to general public, especially the young generation.

Present government was also making all possible endeavors for transforming Pakistan in line with the vision of Father of the Nation and Poet of the East, he stressed.