A lot of women have been mercilessly murdered by the so-called Shariah followers, who don't even know the basics of Islamic teachings. The fact that the security forces recover liquor and CDs of porno movies from the hideouts of these militants indicates that the current upsurge has nothing to do with Islam. Agents of foreign countries are behind this well-thought-out plot against Pakistan. Hamid Mir recently told a horrifying story on the 10th of Ashura which sent tremors across the country. Mr Mir has played his part by telling it all on the media which is an example for other journalists as well. Our media men will have to unearth the real actors behind the new Great Game, like the Indian journalists did post-Mumbai. We are running short of time and patriotism demands we rise above personal vendettas and gains. At the same time the military campaign needs to be backed without prejudice because if the militants succeed, the whole country would be run over. -ASEM M. AWAN, London, UK, via e-mail, January