Unfortunately, I was one of the candidates who appeared in MRCP-1 exam in Lahore organized by British Council at the Royal Palm Golf Country Club. The attitude of the organizers was pathetic; the parking for candidates was outside the main club entry on canal bank and only members were allowed to enter the club. We arrived after much hassle at around 9 a.m. and stayed till the reporting time for exam which lasted till 6:30 p.m., a total duration of almost 10 hours. During this marathon stretch, the candidates were only offered water. That was the sole refreshment, believe it or not. No lunch or tea was provided and even the main caf at the club was not allowed to serve the candidates anything. Reason? They were not the members of the club. This is the first time I have observed such deplorable behavior towards doctors appearing in a specialization exam and it is all the more untenable when one considers the fact that each of them had paid a princely sum of over Rs. 70,000 (almost $1000) by way of exam fees. May I remind the British Council that the College of Physicians and Surgeons charges Rs. 10,000 exam fees and conducts exam in a five star hotel where candidates are served a very good lunch. It is really regrettable that doctors were treated so shabbily in the top club in Lahore by a foreign mission like the British Council which is here with the purpose of fostering goodwill among the local people for Britain. -DR. ADNAN AGHA, Lahore, January 21.