KARACHI Title holder Asjad Iqbal tumbled at the first hurdle in the third NJI National Junior Snooker when he was beaten in the first round of Rs 120,000 prize carrying championship here on the opening day of the championship Saturday at Karachi Club. Muhammad Ishtiaq of Sindh accounted for the champion when he won the crucial encounter by three frames to one with Asjad Iqbal taking second frame before being outplayed by his opponent 69-35, 44-65, 70-13, and 63-11. So awed was Asjad Iqbal by his opponent that he could muster only small scores of 13 and 11 in the last two frames that he lost to his strong opponent. Following are results of other first round matches played on Saturday. Kamran Ali (Bal) beat Fawad Khan (NWFP) 3-1(68-24, 52-27, 39-69, 53-50) Shiraz beat Hamid (Punjab) 3-1 (14-53,59-22,61-48,60-11) Rizwan Hashmi (Sindh) beat Yasir Rehman (Punjab) 26-85, 73-25, 58-35, 23-49, 87-32) Fahad Khan (Sindh) beat Aun Shah (NWFP) 3-0 (45-37,58-12,71-33) Rehman Joseph (Bal) beat Farhan Hafeez (NWFP) 3-1 (59-20,40-50,83-28,47-20) Rizwan Ali (Punjab) beat Abdul Wahid (Bal) 3-0(61-5, 51-10, 73-2) Nazir Arsalan (Sindh) beat Muhammad Amir (Bal) 3-0(65-14, 66-16, and 49-11) Amir Sohail (NWFP) beat Uzair Ali (NWFP) 3-0(92-28, 59-5, 54-14) Qamar Zaman Khan (Punjab) beat Yasir Khan (Sindh) 3-0(61-17, 59-39,547-15). Ahsan Raza (Sindh) beat Daniyal Adil (Sindh) 3-0 (50-33,67-18,75-12) Hafiz Mohammad Asim Habib (Punjab) beat Taha Karim (Sindh) 3-2 (44-48, 37-61, 55-11, 79-35, 60-9) Hamza Akber (Punjab) beat Asad Kamani (Sindh) 3-0 (63-46,79-14,51-43) Muhammad Ishtiaq (Sindh) beat Asjad Iqbal (Punjab) 3-1 (69-35,44-65,70-13,63-11)