According to press report the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has detected a huge tax gap of Rs 21.36 billion between the potential and actual withholding tax collection in case of Central Directorate of the National Saving 2088-9. This is just one example of tax bungling we have and the flaws in tax collection system that cause it. I think there is urgent need for tax reforms of present system of taxation and collection. First of all FBR should ensure that it has information and data of assets & income of high-profile army officers, civil bureaucrats, superior judiciary, notable land lords, politicians, leading businessman, industrialist, professionals, doctors, lawyers, engineers, consultants, real estate developers & dealers, middle men in trade and commerce and all foreign and local investors in Pakistan. The tax authorities should ascertain what was the sources of their income to have amassed the assets they have and what amount of income tax they are paying for it all at present. General public should be encouraged to provide information about the persons they know are having a lifestyle beyond their means and income. There are hundreds of thousands of people paying very small amounts in tax despite having vast assets and income. Without having a strong monitoring mechanism and cooperation of the general public, it is not possible to ensure that every citizen pays his taxes honestly. -ENGR.S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, January 22.