KARACHI - E-health is still an elusive concept in Pakistan, but it surely has a deeper concern and relevance to our local environment. Interestingly, very few healthcare professionals are now involved in promoting e-health in our country. The first e-health conference began at AKUH, on Saturday morning, with the titled 'Better Health for all through E-Health. Shariq Khoja, general secretary E-Health Association of Pakistan and representing AKUH at the platform, said, No doubt that e-health was first developed in the western countries, focusing on the needs and standards that were supposed to be met according to their lifestyle, but e-health is need of the hour as far as Pakistan is concerned. Good physicians are reluctant to go in the rural areas of the country and treat the patients suffering from ailments but with advanced technology, e-health will pave way for better treatment and cure of a disease; even in the remotest of the localities of the country. He said e-health projects taken as a individual project would not be a successful story to share, he earnestly believe in the Asian context that the community network setup funded on the same mode would be developed as a better medical solutions provider. Another speaker Aziz Ahmad Jan from Afghanistan, having a French Medical Institute under his care and supervision, said, In Afghanistan we are communicating through change management and capacity building. Better services of e-health can be monitored from where he worked in a distant locality close to Bamiyan area. Angelo Juan Ramos from Philippines said, Communication and e-health is directly related in paving the way for e-health to grow in Asia. Mohan Pradhan from Nepal said, My country is still in its preliminary stage in developing the telecom sector, hence the future prospects of e-health are not too bright.