LAHORE - Former Chief Minister Punjab and senior central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q Ch Pervaiz Elahi has bitterly criticised the Punjab government for allegedly aborting multi-billion dollar development projects, and has maintained that it is primarily because of lack of vision and incapacitated leadership, which does not realise the importance of development in the project. He was addressing a press conference here at his residence on Saturday where the mediamen were also given a presentation about the allegations levelled by the PML-Q leadership. Opposition leader Punjab Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, MPA Muhammad Yar Hiraj and others were also present on the occasion. Pervaiz Elahi alleged the PML-N-led Punjab government for abandoning multi billion dollar foreign funded projects, like the Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System and Abu Dhabi Centre (Ferozepur Road). The completion of the LRMTS project will have helped the government in reducing traffic congestion, besides the environment pollution and oil consumption. Consequently, the city traffic will have been different altogether provided this project would have been in place. The Asian Development Bank and private sector had agreed to contribute $1 billion each in the project, while the Punjab government had a share of $400 million, he maintained, while lamenting that the N-League government dropped the project since it was initiated by the PML-Q government, and the Q-League would raise the issue in the current session of the Punjab Assembly. While elaborating the LRMTS project further, he said it included 97 kilometres of underground and elevated passages. The PML-Q government has planned to complete it by 2011 prior to the start of the Cricket World Cup in 2012, he said, while adding that the PML-N govt did not have interest and allowed the ADB loan expire in June last year. Now we are taking our case to the people, who will consider it a criminal negligence, assess who was or is serving them better, he said. To him, the urban reliance on public transport system in the city is about 60 percent. He also quoted the example of Vietnam, where such reliance was only 20 percent, but it rose rapidly with the introduction of the Rapid Mass Transit System. He also quoted the example of India, where the rail system was started in Kolkatta and Delhi, while the latter has the second largest underground rapid transit system in India. Due to this, the Indian society has gone through a rapid economic, social and cultural transformation. For the financial year 2008, it reported operating revenues of Rs3 billion ($62.89 million), with a profit of $4.12 million, he said, while adding that Lahore was the countrys 2nd largest city with a growth rate of 4 percent, and its transport system was poorly developed and under-maintained. Due to high economic growth from 2002 to 2007, the vehicle ownership growth has also accelerated leading to increased traffic congestion, and augmented poor environment and degradation in quality of life, which is being further worsened by diverse traffic mix and lack of traffic and pedestrian discipline, he said. Pervaiz Elahi also informed the mediamen that according to an international survey more than 1.35 million passenger trip take place in Lahore daily. The city is suffering annual loss of $100 million due to the absence of rapid, efficient, convenient, time and fuel saving mode of transportation. It has been a huge set back to real estate development, environmental pollution control and contributed to the flight of foreign capital and international investments, he added. He implored every citizen of Lahore to ask the incumbent Punjab government about dropping the project of public welfare for political and personal reasons. He also urged media to apprise the public about the injustices being done to them by this government.